One Benefit To Blogging

The one I feel that connects to me and is also the most appealing is establishing better life habits. Sure, the other reasons seem nice, like the possibility of earning money for complaining online, or gaining a new found rush of confidence. But I feel like nurturing good habits will help you excel in any situation and problem you may encounter in life. That’s why it’s the most appealing to me. Who cares if you’re going to be making an extra one hundred dollars a month from blogging if you end up spending it on wasteful stuff that you saw online because you have poor impulse control. Who cares if you can become a great writer if you can’t control yourself, sit down for a couple hours of the day and start working on your book. Developing good habits like self control and commitment can lead to a flourishing of new found talents that you didn’t even know you had, because you pushed yourself to try these new things out, and you stuck to it because of self discipline. I feel like I already have pretty decent life habits. I have a relatively healthy diet, I force my self to go to the gym and I try not to spend too much time binge watching netflix when I should be doing school work. But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for massive improvement. That’s why if blogging was going to benefit me in any way, I hope that it would force me to have better life habits.


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