This I Believe Draft 1

People are too negative. Everything seems to be the end of the world lately. Especially when it comes to our future as a species. People are just too damn negative about the future. You always see those posts on facebook or twitter of bad stuff going on in the world, be it a picture of a refugee child or a cute puppy being hit that people use as justification to explain why our future is apparently doomed because bad stuff happens sometimes. Well I’m sick of it. Our species has so much potential going forward and the future is looking blindingly bright. The reason I believe this is because of a large amount of factors that are emerging. The first being the rapid rise of the standard of living across the world, also known as the HDI (Human Development Index.) For those that don’t know, HDI is a system that accounts how developed a country is by taking into account factors like education, life expectancy, per capita income, inflation and a lot of other factors. According to this index things have been steadily getting better in these fields for a lot of countries. African countries have recently had their HDI in an upward spiral because of the recent investing China has brought to the continent. These investments have led to massive infrastructure projects like hospitals and schools. There’s also the fact that world poverty is declining at a rapid pace. In 1988 , over 80% of China lived in extreme poverty (making under $1.80 per day.) In just 30 years that rate has declined to 11%. In a similar time frame Iran has gone from 20% to under 1%. This decrease is also a world wide trend, in 1970 2.2 billion people lived in extreme poverty, in 2015 it has decreased to 705 million. We also shouldn’t ignore the fact that world hunger is slowly being defeated. In just 20 years we went from 19% of the world being undernourished to 10%. That is a massive change in percentage in a short time span. If all of these factors didn’t give you at least a little bit of optimism for the future of the human race this should. The world is just plain happier, and we keep getting happier. According to a Canadian-led UN Project that aims to measure the happiness levels of each country, there’s a steady trend of global happiness rising everywhere. I’m not asking you to stop noticing the problems we have going on, that would be irresponsible and just plain ignorant. What I am asking you to do is be positive for once.


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