Wikipedians Do It For Love

Wikipedia plays a big role in my online life when it comes to academic and recreational time spent on the computer. If I ever need to know what day a historic treaty was signed, I’ll go to Wikipedia. Or in the complete opposite direction, if I ever want to know what Tom DeLonges opinion on extra terrestrial aircraft is I’ll also being paying a visit to Wikipedia. That’s what is so great about the site. It’s not just for super serious historical facts (even though that’s what it excels at) they will bring up controversial facts that some people would rather not have known about them. In a world where websites are racing to censor themselves Wikipedia is taking a different path and is embracing being free, with the only criteria being that your information is factually correct. The only downside with Wikipedia is the public reputation that’s been created for it. Getting any of your information from Wikipedia can be seen as a joke to some people, especially when it comes to highschool teachers. While I agree that you don’t want to be getting all of your information from Wikipedia, brushing the site off as a cesspool of false information is just unfair and untrue. I’m not going to ignore the prevalence of people editing an article just for fun but those mistakes usually get edited quick and returned to their correct form. There’s also the fact that a large majority of Wiki pages about important information are locked and can only be edited by verified editors. People should stop using it as their only source of information, but people should also put a little more trust in the site.


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