Historical Person Interview

With so many important figures throughout history it was hard to choose just one to interview. But I had to settle on Alexander the Great, just because of the monumental accomplishments he managed to pull off. His conquests shaped the path of humanity and profoundly impacted Greek and Middle Eastern civilization. The first question I would have for him is if he knew how important of a figure he would become. Whenever people start talking about great people throughout history Alexanders name will always be brought up. He’s seen as the greatest Greek to live, and is considered possibly the greatest military tactician of all time. When people think of great conquerors and kings Alexander will be brought up. He is without a doubt one of the most important and well respected figures in history. My second question would be why he was in favour of mixing cultures. Throughout most of history the conquering civilization would exert their own culture and values upon the weaker civilization and try to assimilate the newly conquered people. But Alexander didn’t do that. Alexander is known for embracing and actively participating in the culture of the people he conquered. There’s many cases of Alexander partaking in ceremonies, like when he was introduced as the son of Amun, the Egyptian king of the Gods, during his crowning as king of Egypt, or the fact that he made 82 of his most respected advisors and generals marry Persian wives after he captured Persepolis. Alexanders mixing of Greek and Egyptian generated massive change in Egypt and ushered in the Hellenistic period. The third thing I would ask is how he died. There’s a lot of different theories on how Alex died, with the most likely causes being typhoid fever or poisoning. Alexanders cause of death is one of the biggest mysteries in history and getting the opportunity to learn what actually killed him would be amazing.


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