He hammered a hiking buddy to death, passage.

“It is a beautiful and serene place, an open-air cathedral for religions yet unnamed. Although the cliffs rarely rise above 40 feet, they seem taller, looming overhead and creating a shelter from the wider world.” I picked this as the visceral quote not because it gives a overly detailed description of a violent incident like most people would think the word should be applied to, but because it appeals to deep inward feelings. The first two words already appeal to something every human wants in life, beauty and serenity, both of these words immediately bring positive connotations to whatever would follow. The author then follows that up with a description of the area as an open air cathedral, giving it a sort of holy presence. Immediately I think of a marble walled, monument to god painted with renaissance era tapestry, appealing to humanities need of a higher power and the assurance that comes with being somewhere holy. The second part of the sentence is also appealing because of the fact that it gives off the idea that the forest is protecting you from the corruption and problems that you’d face in your daily lives. Almost like you’re entering into a new realm of peace when you step into the cliffs. This is appealing for obvious reasons, everyone has their outlets when they want to escape, and having the ability to turn to nature to release all of your stress that you built up just seems like a peaceful and healthy way to escape.


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