If I recall correctly the last time I convinced someone to do what I wanted was when I got my roommate to agree with me on how we were gonna celebrate sinking a cup in beer pong. It’s incredibly stupid but during the moment it seemed to be of utmost importance. I wanted us to slide our hands together and then do a hand shake. He wanted to do a basic fist bump because he’s a basic guy. Obviously our disagreements created some tension and we went a couple shots without doing any celebration because we couldn’t come to an agreement on which one we would choose. After a while I suggested that if we did my preferred method of celebration I’d give him a free drink. I relied on bribery to persuade my roommate into doing what I wanted. Bribery is probably the most reliable method of persuading someone into doing what you want, at least in my books. It works because no matter what people might everyone has a price tag. It may seem like I won because I persuaded him into doing what I wanted, but now that I think about it I think the opposite happened. I gave away a free drink to get my roommate to do some dumb ass hand celebratory ritual. I wish I could have relied on my wit but I’m lacking a bit in that department and I definitely was not going to rely on charm when it comes to my roommate.


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