Harvard vs Prison

Since this scenario actually happened in real life It’s a safe bet to say that the prison debate team would win this battle. But if I had to make a bet with no prior knowledge of what would happen I would obviously put my money on Harvard. It is a without a doubt the most well known university, maybe besides Oxford, in the world and is renowned for it’s high standards of education. Going off this assumption how could you not come to the conclusion that highly motivated Harvard students who had to compete just to get in the school would easily destroy a prison debate team. But it’s funny how it didn’t work out like that in real life. These prisoners studied day in and out, constantly acquiring new information to better themselves. They are highly driven individuals that want to succeed in education, and to a certain extent, they NEED to better themselves to assure a successful life after prison. The prisoners would have their coach scour the internet to bring relevant articles to the group. When they weren’t in the classroom preparing they were in their cells debating each other. When they were talking to their family they would try to use some of the skills they had been learning while making conversation. I think what really pushed these men to success was the staff they had behind them at every turn. David Register, the coach behind the team is extremely dedicated, coaching multiple debate teams, and his dedication to these men is what allowed them to thrive.


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