Profile Final Draft

I’m not an original man. I can’t come up with creative ideas anytime I want. It’s a challenge to let my imagination take hold and just produce ideas. My lack of originality is why I decided to profile one of my roommates. He was born on the seventeenth of September, 1997, inside Peel Memorial hospital, Brampton Ontario. James was born into a family with French roots, although you would never know it because the only French word he can say fluently is “fromage.” According to the horoscope astrological system, something James swears is one hundred percent accurate and true, he is a Zodiac. Which means he is a shy, artistic person, who hates being disturbed or disturbing others. I can’t verify the validity of horoscopes after this revelation. James is a self-described average guy. He has light brown hair, green-ish blue eyes and stands at five foot seven. He almost always has some slight beard growth on his face, but I’ve never seen him trim it or try to maintain his facial hair. When asked about why he doesn’t just shave it fully or grow it out I was met with a predictable response “Dude why the hell do you care so much about my facial hair.” A good question I ask myself as I type this out. Every morning he wakes up as late as class allows him to, rolls out of bed and then proceeds to brush his teeth and shower. After that it’s time to get clothed. The clothing I’ve seen him wear the most frequently is khaki jogger pants with a white shirt, and maybe a flannel is he’s feeling extra creative that day. Overall, a very average outfit for a young man around his age. Once he’s presentable he’s ready for class, breakfast is not necessary for this young scholar. It’s fall in Peterborough and as such the trees around the town are turning crimson and orange, this transformation in the foliage leads to quite a visually pleasant walk along the campus’ pathway for James as he makes his way to class. Each grueling day he finishes he gets one step closer to finishing his program of choice, Customs Border Services. The reason he chose this program over the others was because of the variety in everyday tasks he believes it will offer him, no day is the same. This is an appeal for an adventurous soul like James. When pressured into disclosing if the financial benefits of the job had any sway in choosing this program over the others he let out a confident, reassuring “I don’t know man, sure.” James is a simple man, and money satisfies simple men. But who can blame him? Not I! for I too have the same lust for wealth. After graduation James hopes to secure a job in the CBS and if he is fortunate enough, be stationed in Vancouver, where he dreams of settling down with a British woman, angering his French family. After a long life of working hard he wishes to retire and move to Sydney, Australia. Where he   will live a simple life, no longer having to be annoyed by him roommate asking him very personal questions.


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