Blog 4

A lot of people have different interests, and some are more prevalent than others. Cars seem to be a common one for guys, fashion for girls, and everyone seems to love movies. While I enjoy these common interests I feel like my interest in history isn’t universally shared. History is usually one of the most hated courses in high school, and something that almost everyone dreaded, but I think that’s because they weren’t taught about the interesting stuff, or they simple didn’t actually listen in class. I think my favourite period of history is the Dynastic period of Mesopotamia, which encompasses parts of Iran, Iraq and Syria. Mesopotamia literally means the land between the rivers in Greek. This was the time period where the first civilization popped up, Sumeria, and empires started to form. Massive temples called Ziggurats, as large as the pyramids were constructed as a monument to the gods, while the walls of Babylon, brightly coloured royal blue, with lions and constillations carved into it, stood towering in the desert landscape. I think the most interesting people during this time period were the Assyrians. This civilization was known for its ferocity and love of war, constantly fighting its neighbours. Not only were they warmongers, but they were builders, creating massive cities that populated all of the Euprhates river. In fact, their desire for blood was so strong that they believed their gods would end the world if the Assyrians stopped fighting wars. Empires fell and rose like the tides of the sea, their leaders leaving their mark on history forever. Mesopotamia encompasses many different cities, civilizations, empires and peoples and I think this diversity, yet similar culture is why I’m so interested in them.


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