Blog 5

For summer I plan on spending as much time possible working, so I can some pocket money after I pay for rent and school. I’m most likely going to be returning to Home Depot for the summer, so I won’t be having to learn a new position and the work is pretty calm on most days. Hopefully most of my work days can be spent catching sun and watering plants. I’m also going to focus on heading to the gym at least 5 days a week. I want to improve my health and looks and since I have so much free time in the summer I figured it should be put towards something healthy and rewarding. I also hope to do some cardio in the summer to improve my cardio levels, hopefully the summer isn’t filled with heat warnings and I’ll actually be able to go running outside instead of being stuck on a treadmill. When I’m not working or going to the gym I’ll probably just spend it relaxing at home in my air conditioned room or hanging out with friends. My friend’s group has always been pretty good at staying in contact after high school and I don’t think that will change this summer, so I’ll most likely be spending time swimming at pools and staying up late with my friends this summer. The best part of summer though is how it’s not winter. This recent winter has been brutal and seemed to be never ending, with snowfall a quarter of the way into April. All the cold and grey was getting to me mentally and I’m just glad that warm weather and vibrant colours are going to be coming back. One of the things I hope to do most this summer is lay down on my patio with a cold drink and catch some rays.


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